pjila’si to Nibby Graphics


I am Mi'kmaq, an artist, an entrepreneur,
a student, a mother, a wife, and
a grandmother. My last name, Nibby-Woods is one of those hyphenated combinations.  
Nibby (Nip-peech) is pre-contact and my family name meaning leaf.

My intention here is to create a window for you to glimpse a part of my Mi’kmaq world. By sharing my art and certain aboriginal concepts I hope to create understanding.


Anna Nibby-Woods

For the past thirty-five years I have worked in the graphic design, print, advertising, communications, and marketing in one capacity or another as a graphic artist, production manager, art director, estimator, illustrator, copy writer, etcetera.

Over the years I’ve often freelanced, working on my own from concept through
to finished product as a graphic designer. I’ve expanded my area of interest
and have diversified into several other fields including diversity
management, cultural sensitivity and cultural eco-tourism.
All of this I’ve done while raising two healthy, smart and well-adjusted
children. Over the past few years they have both moved comfortably
into their own lives leaving me the freedom to focus on new pursuits.

Keep smiling, Anna

902 289-2065